Aiva Bumbure

born 31.07.1956.

●graduated Riga Design and art school in 1975, Leather design department
●graduated Art Academy of Latvia in 1989, department of industrial design, master program
●J.Vītola Latvian Academy of Music. Professional Educators teacher education program 2003 - 2004

Work experience
● teacher in State SIA "Riga Tourism and Creative Industries Technical College"
● From 2010 National Curriculum Development Centre freelance methodologis National Centre for Education
● Summer Solstice High School 2003 - 2013

Guided seminars, work of the Jury and the visual arts works tenders exposure equipment:
2011 , So you have Latvian as your heart inside - visual arts competition exhibitions
placement and the closing event scenography Establishment
2010 X Latvian Youth Song and Dance Celebration of visual arts project
the main artist
2009 , With a top drive in Riga ...... and rhythm games - exhibition layout
Riga Congress Centre X Latvian Youth Song and Dance Festival
2008 , Celebration of Joy - exhibition facilitiesand layout dedicated to Latvian 90th . anniversary in the Latvian War Museum
2007 International Conference On Lielvardes belt to modern design, Riga
2002 Seminar to re-enable the school teachers and students Crete , Greece
1985 Teaching practice Prague School of Arts SUPŠ

● Member of the Latvian Artists' Union board, from 1991
●Member of „Bookbinders and Leather design association” from 2004
● Cultural Foundation scholarship student
● Bookbinding retraining courses in Riga, lecture Rene Haljasmäe from Academic Library of Tallinn University, 2004

Participate in the exhibitions from 1979:
,, Bright halftone,, group exhibition J.Rozentals Saldus History and Art museum 2013
,, Book of gloves,, A.Grasmane Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Riga, 2013
„Poga”, art gallery „Apsida”, Riga, 2013
„Pushkin”, St.Petersburg, 2013
"Textile. Models. Accessories" '09, '10, '11 Art Gallery Bank 2011
,,The design of the Year Award ,,2010
,,Business accessories,, 2010th
,,Optimization 2010,, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Riga, 2010
„Intimate art”, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Riga, 2009
„50×50”, art gallery „Apsida”, Riga, 2009
„Scripta Manenta”, RDMV exhibition hall, Riga, 2008
„Cookbook”, art gallery „Apsida”, Riga, 2008
„Luggage”, art gallery „Ice cellar”, Balmier, 2007
„Books second life”, theatre museum of Eduards Smiļģis, Riga, 2007
„Leathers second life”, History and Art museum of Ģ.Elias, Jelgava, 2006
„Box of dear treasures”, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Riga, 2005
„Sigismunds Vidbergs”, art gallery „Apsida”, Riga, 2005
,,Forest Swans,, Grimm Fairy Tale Vilnius 2005
„Sleep songs”, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Riga, 2004
„Original bookbindings”, FOREST encyclopedia National Library of Latvia, 2004
„Original bookbindings” ,, APRIL Witch,, Riga Applied Arts and the Design Museum 2003
,,Design - Sources and Now ,,1989 Riga - Vilnius
,,Panevezys applied art exhibition ,,1982 Panevezys
,, Earth's youth,, All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists, 1981 Moscow
,, People's Economic Achievements of the Republic of Applied Arts exhibition 1979 Riga