Yulia Belomlinskaya

was born in Leningrad on January 29, 1960
In 1972 was admitted to High Art School at Vsosoyuzny Academy of Arts
SHSh finished in 1978, then entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography on production faculty,
Since eighteen years I worked in book graphics, together with the father M. Belomlinsky
She started working independently later.
She drew "A corner of the cheerful registrar" in the Koster magazine, other illustrations in "Fire", in "Sparkle".
She worked for Soviet Composer and Music publishing houses.
After termination Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography she continued to combine work at theater and at cinema,
with work in book graphics.

In 1986 she arrived in youth section LOSH on graphics section.
I participated in two exhibitions in 1986.
She worked at theater and at cinema in Moscow, Odessa and Kiev.
Main works of those years:
"Fate change" worked with Kira Muratova as the costume designer on x / ф
Odessa film studio 1087
With Georgy Kovtun made suits to the ballet "Thumbelina" in Kiev
Kiev. Children's musical theater 1988
Suits to x / ф "Bindyuzhnik and the King"
Moscow. studio of Gorky 1989
In 1989 on family circumstances she went abroad
Eleven years she lived in America and France
In America worked with the schedule illustrator in textile production
It was much exposed as the easel schedule.
She created a collection of self-made drawn books.
In France was engaged in graphics of greeting cards and she taught to children drawing
In 2000 she returned to Russia and lives in St. Petersburg.
Since 2002 actively she worked in journalism, as the artist and the author of own texts.
During the period with 2002 on 2008 she had three books in which she was the author of the text:
"The poor girl or Apple, chicken, Pushkin" – the autobiographical novel about adventures the abroad, the Amphora 2002 SPB
"On book business" – literary journalism, Limbus a press 2008 SPB
and "Songs of the Poor girl" – poetry. Emergency exit 2006 Moscow
All this time she worked as the illustrator in magazines "N and Nevsky", "Turnkey", ". ру", "Red", "Reading".
Now she works in periodicals, as the schedule – the illustrator.