Katerina Muravyov

outstanding representative art school and a specialist in communication design. Participant in international competitions and exhibitions.
2004 - 2010  St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry Academy, department of "Design"
department "communication design", specialty "Graphic Design", St.-Pb
1998 - 2004 Penza Art College. K.A.Savitskogo,specialty "Teacher-artist", Penza
Personal projects:
2013 - personal exhibition "High fashion kaalizatsii", Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg
1999 - personal exhibition of painting, Penza Art College. KA Savitsky, Penza

Participation in exhibitions:   
2013 - the Exhibition of finalists of the all-Russian sculpture competition on the best project of urban sculpture "Greyhound puppy", Museum of city sculpture, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg. Night of museums

2013 - personal exhibition "High fashion kaalizatsii"  Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg   
2012 - Baltic Biennale / Baltic Biennale 2012 "Baltic Archipelago", St. Petersburg
2010 - exhibition of the finalists in the museum Landmarks "Penates", St. Petersburg
2010 - VI Competition for Young Artists "Benchmarks", "Genius Loci", St. Petersburg
2008 - "International Exhibition of Calligraphy", St. Petersburg
2008 - III Competition for Young Artists "Benchmarks", "The Cabinet of Wonders. Wunderkammer », Saint-Petersburg
2007 - Winner of the Young Artists Competition II "Benchmarks", "The world inside the walls" in the "arts"
Audience Award at the "Landmarks II", Saint-Petersburg
1999 - Personal exhibition of painting, Penza Art College. KA Savitsky, Penza

Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg