Marina Spivak

Born in 1955 in Leningrad . Graduated from the Leningrad Art College named. V.Serov in 1977. Since 1985 - member of the Union of artists.
Member of creative groop  "Village of artist"
Participated in exhibitions, artistic events, projects and symposiums since 1977

Works are in collections:

The State Russian museum .St. Petersburg.
The Ministry Of Culture Foundation.Moscow.
Yaroslavl State art museum.
The National British Library .London.
Library of Children's Books madame Leveque. Paris.
The Museum of games and cards . Issy-Mouline.
National Library.Paris.
and private collections in Russia, Great Britain , France, Germany, Austria and USA.

Some exhibitions and symposiums:

1983 -"The Blue room ", the Union of artists, Leningrad (together with A. Pozin and S.Aslanov).
1990 - Russian - American project "All for one Earth". Exhibitions in Leningrad and in San Francisco.
1991 - Stone symposium in Ust - Kamenogorsk.
1995- «Workshop» - A. Akhmatova museum ,St. Petersburg. ( together with A.Pozin, I.Pozina.E. Pozina. L.Smorgon)
1998-«Man and woman» - gallery «Petropol», St. Petersburg.(together with A.Pozin)
1998-« Wax empire» «A-I Foundation».Personal exhibition . St. Petersburg.
1998-«Mixed technique» -gallery « Borey» , St.Petersburg. (together with A. Pozin , Q.Huys I.Pozin)
1998-«Bookstore», - A. Akhmatova museum, St. Petersburg. (together T with A. Pozin)
1999-« Sewn things», gallery « Borey» , St.Petersburg.
2001-«Made in Kolomyagi» Lucerne, Switzerland .(together with A. Pozin)
2004-«Made in Kolomyagi»- Central e. «Manege» , St. Petersburg.(together with A. Pozin)
2005 -  Stone symposium. Lenzke .Germany
2006 -  Stone symposium with installation works in the city Neuruppin. Germany.
2007- "Furniture". Personal выставка.DO - gallery. Petersburg.
2008 -"Wooden landscape". Personal exhibition  .DO - gallery.  St.Petersburg.
2009 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Matiss".  St.Petersburg.
2010- "Sky"-The State Russian museum. St.Petersburg.
2010  "Village of artists in Manege" Central exhibition hall of St. Petersburg
2011 -"Artist book " in museum of modern art "Erarta". St.Petersburg.
2011- "Raft "- Village of artists. St.Petersburg.
2012- "Firewood and fine arts" .-The Hermitage student"s  centre . St.Petersburg.
2012 -"Without barriers"-The State Russian museum. St.Petersburg.
2013-"Mysterious russian soul"- The State Russian museum. St.Petersburg.
2013-"The Workshop of the sculptor,"The State museum of Sculpture. St.Petersburg.
2014- "Four materials"-  gallery  "Borey"  personal exhibition. St.Petersburg.