Peter Reihet (1953-2013)

Peter Reichet, a fascinating and charismatic artist, whose art palette consists of various genres including portrait, arctic landscape, nude, sculpture, installation, and actionism.

Peter Reichet was born in Odessa (USSR) – 1953.

He is a student of Professors Victor Oreshnikov and Victor Reichet (his father) at the Russian Academy of Arts (Art Institute named after Repine).

From 1976 to 1987 he is a member of 3 arctic expeditions to Franz Joseph Land, North Land and Bennett Island.

Starting in 1976 he participates in over 200 exhibits in Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Holland, Japan, China, the United States, and Canada.

In 1980 Peter Reichet becomes a member of the Russian Artists Union.

In 1984 the artist becomes a member of the Geographic Society of Russia.

Peter Reichet becomes a member of the International Artist Federation.

Personal Exhibitions:

1976 – 2014: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangelsk (Russia), Copenhagen, Aarhus, Skagen, Aabenraa, Graasten, Aalborg (Denmark), Goteborg, Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Karlsruhe (Germany), Tallinn (Estonia), Begin (China).

Public Collections:

Tretyakov Gallery - State Museum. Moscow, Russia

Collection of the Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia

St. Petersburg History Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Arctic and Antarctic Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Collection of the Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

Fine Arts Museum, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk Regional Museum, Arkangelsk Russia

Art Gallery, Vologda, Russia

Novogorod Museum of Art, Novogorod the Great, Russia

Grenen Museum of Modern Art, Grenen, Denmark,
Modern Art in Exile Museum, Jersey City NJ, the United States

Private Collections:

Denmark: Collection of the Royal Family, Mads Friis, Per Anders, Helle Dalgaard, Kristian Kaer.

Germany: Kurt Dechler, Eugen Faas, Gunter Glaubits

Estonia: Victor Smeritchevski

Russia: Nikolai Blagodatov, Dubrovich.
And others in Russia, China, United States, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Peter Reichet died tragically during his last expedition to the Yamal Peninsula in 2013.