Pogarsky Mikhail

Pogarsky Mikhail was born 1963 in Russia. Artist, designer, poet, writer, journalist, photographer, publisher, scientists, curator of artist’s project. Author more then 80 books and more then 100 articles. Doctor of Mathematics (1991). Member of Russia Artist’s League (2003). Chief Editor of magazines “Triangular wheel” and “Irregular Park”. Organizer of the Moscow International Exhibition of Artist’s Book. Organizer and curator a big international project “Prospero Library” in which artists from Italy, England, USA, Russia, Noriega, Holland, Suomi, Germany take part. Chief Director of design-studio “Triangular wheel”. Curator and organizer more than 30 land-art projects. Participant more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and Europe. His works is kept in many European and American museums, libraries and private collections.

More information on the www.pogarsky.ru