TI 2013

Tatiana Igumnova

1961    Was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia
1984-1990     Alexander F. Kozhin`s studio
since 1989    began to take part in exhibitions
since 1989    began to take part in different  art-projects and festivals (actions, performance art)
1995     moved to St. Petersburg
2000    joined  the IFA (International Federation of Artists)
Collections of works of art of T. Igumnova - Gallery Klaus Spermann, Berlin (Germany), Art Museum, Arkhangelsk ,State Gallery, Kaliningrad, State Gallery,Novosibirsk.  Also the works of Igumnov can be found in private collections in the following countries – Germany, , Holland, Russia.   

Main exhibitions

1989-93     “Art of North” Central Exhibition Hall, Arkhangelsk
1990     Exhibition of young Artists, Arkhangelsk
1991     Gallery “Etud” Arkhangelsk
1991     Exhibition of 3, Gallery Union of Artis,Arkhangelsk
1993      Personal exhibition, Main Library, Arkhangelsk
1994      “Sign of time” Exhibition Hall, Arkhangelsk
1998-99    «All Peresburg», Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
1999    Personal exhibition, ALT-Gallery  103(Pushkinskaya-10),St.Petersburg
1999     “Stilleben”, Art Museum, Arkhangelsk
2000    “New Language”-Art of Paper, Gallery Union of Artist, St.Petersburg
2000 “MASTER CLASS” International Festival of Art, Museum of Ethnography,St.Petersburg
2000 “Aus der Sterligov-Schule”, Gallery Klaus Spermann,Berlin (Germany)
2000 ЕЕThe Congress “Achievements of the Millenium”, Tavrichesky Palace, St.Petersburg
2001 “Abstraction in Russia: Twentieth Century”, State RussianMuseum,St.Petersburg,Russia
2003 “Shadows”, School 33 Art Center, Baltimore, USA

1989-91     International Jazz Days, Arhkangelsk, Art Objekts
1992-93    “Day of Town”, Art Objekts ,Arhkangelsk