Irina Bykova-Goldovskaya

Artist restorer, painter, graphic artist, author of the idea of “Museum of Sand” and “School of Sand” – Irina Bykova – was born in Leningrad.
Studied at:
 -  Repin’s Academic Institute Drawing classes
 -  V. Suvorov’s Artistic Studio
 -  2002 graduated from Sankt-Petersburg State Artistic- Industrial Academy
    (former Mukhina’s Art Institute).

•    a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA UNESCO)
•    a member of the Russian  Creative Unian of Arts
•    a member of the Russian Professional Unian of Arts
•    a member of the Russian Professional Creative Fellowship “Free Culture”  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +7 906 256 69 49

Irina took part in more then 140 International and Russian exhibitions.

Many reportage filmings were made about her for TV channals: 1th channel, RTR, 5th channel, STS, WORLD, RAMBLER, SТО, ТNТ, RenTV, Russia Today, Culture.
A number of articles were published about Irina Bykova in magazines: “Art-gorod” (Art-City), “Neva”, ‘Vash dosug’ (Your Leisure), “Where”   and newspapers: “Argumenty i Facty” (Arguments and Facts),    “Vechernii Peterburg” (Evening St-Petersburg),   “Radio I televidenie”        (Radio and TV ), ‘Anomaly’, ‘Smena’ (Young Generation), “Rossiiskaia gazeta” (Russian Newspaper) and others mass media.

International channel “Mir” (World) made a documental film “Art-revolution” about Irina.
International channel “Russia Today“ made a documental film “contemporary art of Russia”

Basic material of works of Irina is Natural sea and river sand.
Unique method belongs to the author and called  Sandex® (Sand Experiment).
The canvases are made on hardboard and have velvety surface.
There are no dye-stuffs but just original color of sand and binding materials.
Canvases are solid, safe and eternal.

These works could be considered as graphics in material, monumental art, arts&crafts.
In the collection there are more then 50 kinds of sand of different colors and textures from many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Maldives, Cuba, Cyprus, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey, New Zealand, Thailand, Norway and others.
What is sand?
Sand is disintegrated rock formations, consists of more then 50% of quartz.
Sand is an important part of the ground.
Sand is fine, quick, sparkling, lively, rippled, safe, unique, heavy, golden...
Sand is an object and the tool for millions of years improving to perfect itself.
Sand is the dynamic concentrate of time.
Sand is undergoing changing face of the world...