Dmitry Sayenko

Was born in 1965 ( Kiev ). Graduated from Mukhina Art School, St. Petersburg (1989-1995).
He works in field of «Malerbook» since 1993. Preferred graphic techniques: color woodcut and linocut. Publishing mark "Nikodim" became ratified in 2000.
His books and works can be found in the National Russian Library/St. Petersburg, Gutenberg Museum/Mainz, Victoria & Albert Museum/London, Bischoefliches Disszesanmuseum/Trier, Soechsische Landesbibliothek & Universitaetsbibliothek/Dresden, Albert Lemmens & Serge Stommels/ Nijmegen , Netherlands , Duke University/Durham, USA and also private collections of Germany , U.K., USA, Italy , South Korea .