Irina Yablochkina


1954 -born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1968-1974 - Studied at the Art College, Fine Art Academy.
1974-1979 -Graduated from St-Petersburg State Academy of Industry & Design (specialized in textile), and worked as designer and in making of decorative curtains, wall-hangings, and tapestries.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, International Association “Kniga Khudozhnika”, “Artist Books 3.0”
Participated in many national and international exhibitions since 1979.
Since 2000: professor at the Institute of Decorative Arts (IDPI)


2001 - « Memoirs of the last summer » - a personal exhibition, Paris
2004 – «BIN2004», graphics biennale in Saint Petersburg
2006 - «BIN 2006», graphics biennale in Saint Petersburg
2009 - «II International exhibition of a calligraphy», Moscou
2010 - «A paper occupation layer», the art project
2011 - «The 3rd Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize» - International Exhibition "artist's book" Sheffeld, England
2011 - The 7th Moscow International Exhibition-Fair "Artist book", Moscow
2012 - "The Book of the artist" - International exhibition of young, young and mature artists in the National Library.
2012 - "Artists Books II - III "-an international exhibition in Virrat, Helsinki, Finland.
2012 – "Књига уметнички објекат 2"- International exhibition in Belgrad
2013 - "The First Book" - International Exhibition of artist's book, Moscow
2013 – “Lokikirjoja-Logbooks” – Porvoo, Raahe, Finland


“1000 Artists books. Exploring the book as art.”