Vera Svetlova

was born 1978 in Leningrad  
2002 - Ended SPb Academy of Art  and Design named  by baron Shtiglits.
2003 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia
 Works in various genres and technicians, objects.  installations, lend-art
2014 "the invitation by a dinner" the Russian Museum. of SPb.
2013 "glazurny" gallery Borey. (personal) SPb.
2013 "10let Parazit" gallery Borey. SPb.
2013 "about a sculpture" the City Museum of the Sculpture of SPb
2012 exhibition of ceramics of "not  a pot" gallery of Artobjekt of SPb.
2011 "the Russian eksbitsionizm" gallery Borey. SPb.
2012 Baltic Biennial project of of SPB.
2009 Russian Beauty project of SPB. Moscow.
2008 Project "Right" of Galleri Brache. Germany    
2007 Album gallery.  "Babilu".  (personal) SPb.                   
2007 Nord Art 07 of "Kunst in der Carlshutte" of Rendsburg Germany
2007 Belka&strelka project "guide to safety" (personal) Fontanka 127.SPb
2006 Session of Young Art City Museum of the Sculpture of SPb
2006 Terra Art Vakeva Maa "monplezir" Finland
2006 Youth in a mirror of feminism of Pushkinskaya10 of SPb
2005 Kuulolla.kuhmalahden taidepappilan 34 "Don Quixote" With support of Council of ministers of the Northern Countries of Finland.
2004,2005,2006,2007,2008, Project Parazit gallery. gallery Borey.SPB
2004 Galleri Kyrkskolan (personal) Sweden
2003 "Populus" Emplacements project Alekseevsky garden SPb