Inna Grinchel (Rassokhina)

Born in Saint-Petersburg
Studied in Art and Design Academy, Interior department, Saint-Petersburg
1990 member of the St. Petersburg Artists’ Association
2009 member of the Estonian Leatherwork Artists’ Union

Solo exhibitions:
1990 – solo exhibition at gallery of St. Petersburg Artists’ Association (seoses liitu astumisega)
1991 – exhibition of leather sculptures, St. Peterburg
1991 – “A Day of Thing’s Life”, exhibition-performance, Narva Castle
1992 – “Round of Rounds”, Gallery-Club 17, Berlin
1996 – “44 Border Objects”, Museum of Russian Ethnography, St. Petersburg
1996 – solo exhibition at gallery of St. Petersburg Designers’ Association (seoses liitu astumisega)
1997 – “Leather. Woman. Paper”, gallery of St. Petersburg Designers’ Association
1997 – “Kalevala”, ARS gallery, St. Peterburg
1997 – “Paper Island”, Museum of St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry of A.L. Stieglitz
1998 – “Mesosoikum Room”, art gallery of Narva Museum
1998 – “Snow-White”, European University, St. Peterburg
1998–1999 – solo exhibition (40 objects) under the project “AVANT-GARDE im russischen Schmuck”, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, Germany
2000 – “100 Leather Suns”, gallery  Severnaja Stolitsa, St. Peterburg
2001 – “Magic Leather Objects”, Russian Gallery, Museum of Architecture, Moscow
2002 – “Time of Salamander”, gallery Art Collegium, St. Peterburg
2002 – “Artist’s Leather”, gallery Navicula Artis, St. Peterburg
2004 – “Touch of Midas”, art gallery Rossi, St. Peterburg
2006 – “Skin Heads”, art and beauty gallery of business centre Nevsky Palace, St. Peterburg
2010 – "Magic of Ornament", Narva Castle
2011 – "Transformation", Võru City Gallery
2012 – "Transformation", Kastellaanimaja gallery
2013 – “Forest skin”, Vavaduze gallery, Tallinn
2013 – “Regeneration” Museum “Erarta” St. Peterburg
1991 – 2nd prize (nomination “Ecological Fashion”), Enelini Fashion Contest, Tallinn
1997 – diploma (2nd prize) at the contest “Design of a Year”, Museum of Art Academy, St. Petersburg
1999 – diploma (3rd prize), “Modulor-1998”, St. Petersburg
1999 – Grand Prix (grup prize) at the contest “Design-99”, Moscow
2004 – diploma “Design of Interior Accessories”, “Fidexpo”, exhibition centre LenExpo, St. Petersburg