Tiina Andron Portrait

Tiina Andron

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09.2008 - 06.2011 Tartu Art College, Leather Design
09.1992 - 06.1996 Tartu Art School, Leather Art
09.1980 - 06.1992 Jõgeva 2. High School

Work Experience

1996 - ... freelance artist
2011 - 2011 NPO St. Antony`s Gild, board member
2008 - ... LLC Nahakunstikoda, board member
artistic production, design on order
2012- ... LLC Super, board member
leather accessories’design, product development,
production for export

Memberships Estonian Leatherwork Artists’ Union

Projects and Exhibitions

2013 Miniature bookbinding „Ajastaja/Timer“, ENL travelling exhibition
04,2013 Märjamaa Parish Library, 05,2013 Pärnu Central Library,
10,2013 Tapa City Library, 11,2013 Tartu City Library
International exhibition “Bound word”, St. Petersburg
St.Anthony’s Yard fashion show “Out of the Closet”, Tartu
“Male thing”, Estonian Designers Association competition and nominee’s exhibition,
House of Estonian Design Gallery, Tallinn
2012 “Estonian Bookbinding Art through five centuries”,
Tallinn University Academic Library, Tallinn
“Konrad Mägi. Bound” bookbinding exhibition.
05,2012 Pärnu Libary, 07,2012 Kohila Library,
08,2012 Tartu City Libary
2011 “Re-realia” year exhibition of Estonian Leatherwork Artists,
Estonian National Library
“Flight”, Tampere gallery Emil, Finland
„Estonian design exhibition“, Estonian House, Helsinki, Finland
„Scripta manent IV” Tartu University`s Library, Tartu
„Flight 2011” Exhibition of diploma works,
Tartu Art College gallery ”Noorus”
„estonian-own-jewelry”, Tartu Song Festival Museum
2010 „Soft and angular”,Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition, Tartu City Libary, Tartu
„Scripta manent IV / writing remains”, International Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding,
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
„St. Anthony`s temptation”, joint exhibition of St. Anthony`s Guild artists, Tartu
„Mosaique”, Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition,
TAC gallery “Noorus”
2009 “Religviaar”, international binding and object exhibit,
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
2007 “Old bookbinding in todays world”, binding exhibit, Vanemuine Concert Hall
2006 “Sandwich with a Kiss”, binding and object exhibit, National Library of Estonia