Jury Shtapakov

Yury Shtapakov was born in 1958 in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia. In 1978, having graduated from Leningrad Architectural College he launched his professional career as an architect and graphic designer. Since 1983 Yury has been focusing on book illustration, painting and printmaking. In 1988 he founded the art-group “Steel Sunflower Seeds” and, in 2002, co-founded St. Petersburg Print Studio. Yury joined the Artists’ Union of Russia in 1993. In his current capacity as a printmaking instructor at Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences in St. Petersburg (Bard College) Yury has been teaching traditional and experimental printmaking courses since 2004. Yury has exhibited his work in more than 250 shows in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Many of his works have been acquired by renowned private and public collections, including the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum and the National Public Library.

2005    Cork Print Workshop Cork, Ireland
2006    Tamarind Institute Albuquerque, USA
           Leipzig Book Fair Leipzig, Germany
2007    Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany
2008    Culture Communication Centre Klaipeda, Lithuania
2009    Gymnase de Bugnon Lausanne, Switzerland
2011    Jyvaskyla Centre for Printmaking, Finland
2012    Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Shengen, China
2013    Sviyazhsk Printworkshop, Kazan’, Russia
           Culture Communication Centre Klaipeda, Lithuania
           Venice Print Studio, Murano, Italy

Public Collections
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
Hermitage Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
National State Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
National Library, Moscow, Russia
Fine Art Museum, Vologda, Russia
Fine Art Museum, Sakhalin, Russia
National Museum of Fine Arts
MOMA, New York, USA
Fine Arts Museum, Kerch, Ukraine
State Fine Arts Museum, Sebastopol, Ukraine
Book Arts Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
Saxon State Library, Dresden, Germany
Contemporary Art Museum, Perm, Russia
National Fine Arts Museum, Berlin, Germany
City Museum Centre, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
National Library of Latvia
Fine Art Museum, Omsk, Russia
Dostoevsky Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013     Altar of Aphrodite Dyagilev Cont. Art Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

2012     Formula of Concealment  Rizzordi Art Fondation, St.Petersburg, Russia
             Burned Ground ArtReflex Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2011    Heroes National Center of Cont. Art, St.Petersburg, Russia
    Syndrome of the Princess ArtReflex Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2010    Faits Divers Ruine Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland
    Crime and Punishment Lermontov Library, St.Petersburg, Russia

2008    Flashback Yasnaja Poljana Gallery, Tula, Russia
    Substance vivante et morte Chausse-Coq Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland
2007    The Secret of Beauty Navicula Artis Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
    Woods and Hooks Non-conformism Art Museum,  St.Petersburg, Russia

2005    History of Sdygr Appr Dostoevsky Museum,  St.Petersburg, Russia

2004    Forum de la Ville Lausanne, Switzerland
2003    The Maze British Council, St.Petersburg, Russia

2002    Fetishist’ Corner Nabokov Museum St.Petersburg, Russia
2000    Hide-and-seek Amphora Publishing House, St.Petersburg, Russia